Technology: We need to provide TIME and ENCOURAGEMENT for teachers.

This is the one that inevitably will be the hardest to do. School leaders have to provide teachers the time and opportunity to learn about new tools and techniques for their classroom. I have already documented all of the pressures on school leaders but in order for our students to be successful we have to understand that the face of education is changing. The way the students learn is changing. Most teachers are not going to be able to make the drastic changes needed overnight. They are going to need time to learn. It is vital that school leaders provide the time needed. More over, and I believe, more important, school leaders must provide an environment in their school for teachers to take risks and encourage teachers to make the change in their teaching. Teachers are not going to make a change or take a risk if there isn't support from their school leadership.
Reflection is an amazing thing. I have been very hard on teachers in the past. However, they can not go it alone. They must have school/district leadership that understands why we need to change the way we educate students. These five things should be just the beginning for school leaders. Administrators and school leaders need to be agents of change. It should not be the teachers who have to fight for change in their classroom. They should be able to walk hand-in-hand with their administrators to make strides in changing our classrooms from the 18th century to the 21st.

Excerpted from 5 Simple Things to Help Teachers with Web 2.0 by Steven Anderson